Cornelius Cheesemongers

Cornelius Cheesemongers search the world to find amazing, artisan, farmhouse and handmade cheese from passionate cheesemakers. We deliver cheese every day, fresh cut for you. We offer same day cheese delivery to Melbourne and overnight to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.


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Cheese Platters

Each Cornelius Cheesemongers' Platter includes fresh bread, fruit and condiments and of course magnificent cheeses. These platters are substantial, and a stunning centrepiece for any event. 

Fresh Cut Cheese

Cornelius Cheesemongers hand cuts the finest local cheese. We also stock weekly shipments of fine cheese from France, Italy, Spain and the finest cheeses from England. Every cheese undergoes a grading and assessment on arrival at our Brunswick cheese cave to ensure it's optimal flavour and taste. 


Cornelius Cheesemongers uses an advanced network of ad-hoc same day, refrigerated and overnight delivery services to ensure your cheese arrives in optimum condition. Our fully recyclable and reusable packaging materials and cold packs are designed to survive the journey and ensure your cheese arrives in perfect condition. 



Fondue Machines, Cheese Tools & More

  Immediate Delivery To Your Inbox - From $25

Immediate Delivery To Your Inbox - From $25