Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box

Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box


600 g

The Cheesemonger’s Choice Pack is all about the best cheeses of the moment. Add a condiments pack fo $19.

Feature Cheeses:

Wensleydale Kit Calvert
Style: Pre War, Cloth Bound Wensleydale
Milk: Cow
Origin: Yorkshire Dales, UK

True, PGI Yorkshire Wensleydale, or as they say in Yorkshire “Proper Wensleydale”.

The agricultural settlements of the Yorkshire dales have been renowned for their cheeses for many centuries, but those cheeses have taken many different guises over the course of their long history: monastic sheep’s milk cheeses, soft blue cow’s milk cheeses, and now the modern white Wensleydale, which for a generation of cheese enthusiasts has become synonymous with Yorkshire. Wensleydale Creamery, which sits at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, produces the best version of this modern classic. Within the company, the version of Wensleydale cheese that we stock is known as ‘Kit Calvert Wensleydale’, after the local man who kept the factory solvent during a crisis in the 1930s. Unlike the standard block Wensleydale that dominates the market, this cheese is made using animal rennet, pressed into cylinders, and bound in cloth. The Wensleydale Creamery prides itself on sourcing its milk from local farms and providing work to over two hundred residents of its rural area. In 2013, the company was awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status for the name ‘Yorkshire Wensleydale’, in order to recognise and protect its important link with Yorkshire.

Jaq du Berry
Style: Ashed, Surface ripened
Milk: Goat
Origin: Loire Valley, France

The Chabris region that lies to the south of the Loire Valley is famous for a varied range of Chevre, particularly those made in a distinguish- ing truncated pyramid shape. The shape of the cheese is said to have originated when Napoleon cut off the top of a perfect pyramid shaped cheese with his sword after returning from a disastrous campaign in Egypt. Made by master cheesemaker Monsieur Jacquin, the cheese is covered with salted, ground charcoal and cellared for 4 weeks. When mature, the cheese looks quite rustic with flecks of blue mould on the rind and a sweet, slightly acidic flavour and soft, moussey texture. The raw milk variety of this cheese, Valençay, is protected by an AOP designation.

Roquefort Papillon AOC
Style: Blue Cheese
Milk: Ewe
Origin: Midi-Pyrenees, France

Papillon Roquefort is made to strict A.O.C conditions. The mould harvested yearly from Rye bread gives the cheese is distinct texture unlike Roquefort made from liquid culture. Unpasteurised ewe’s milk is heated then the rennet is added before being cultured with penicillium roqueforti spores. After the mandatory draining in which the cheeses are turned five times a day, they are then transported to the Fleurines. The Fleurines are natural caves that provide the perfect microclimate for aging cheese, all the world’s Roquefort is aged here. Roquefort’s natural rind should be shiny, with the interior richly marbled with bluey-green mould. The flavour is delicate and sweet with a rich-buttery, slightly spicy finish.

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