Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box

Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box


600 g

The Cheesemonger’s Choice Pack is all about the best cheeses of the moment. Add a condiments pack fo $19.

Feature Cheeses:

Manchego DOP
Origin: La Mancha, Spain
Style: Raw Ewe Milk, Manchego

One of the largest DOP regions in the world, Manchego is protected in both its raw and pasteurised varieties. We always prefer the flavour and texture of the raw milk version of this cheese. Made exclusively from the milk of La Mancha sheep, this cheese is buttery, sharp and matches well with honey. 

Bleu D'Auvergne
Style: Blue Cheese
Milk Type: Cow
Origin: Auvergne, France

From the Auvergne Region, this cheese has been made using traditional methods for over 500 years. The factories may have modernised and the machinery may be more advanced but this close relative of Roquefort remains unchanged. Sweet paste with spicy notes of blue even distributed throughout. 

Mountain Man
Style: Washed Rind
Milk Type: Cow
Origin: Timboon, Victoria

A gentle washed rind from the mind of Matt Metguard at L’Artisan Cheese. Combining the best of French Technique with great, organic Victorian milk to create this one of a kind silky, delightful cheese. 

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