Cheesemonger's Choice - Four Cheese Box

Cheesemonger's Choice - Four Cheese Box


800 g

The Cheesemonger’s Choice Pack is all about the best cheeses of the moment. Add a condiments pack fo $19.

Feature Cheeses:

Bleu D'Auvergne
Style: Blue Cheese
Milk Type: Cow
Origin: Auvergne, France

From the Auvergne Region, this cheese has been made using traditional methods for over 500 years. The factories may have modernised and the machinery may be more advanced but this close relative of Roquefort remains unchanged. Sweet paste with spicy notes of blue even distributed throughout. 

Mountain Man
Style: Washed Rind
Milk Type: Cow
Origin: Timboon, Victoria

A gentle washed rind from the mind of Matt Metguard at L’Artisan Cheese. Combining the best of French Technique with great, organic Victorian milk to create this one of a kind silky, delightful cheese. 

DOP Manchego
Style: Hard Cooked, Semi Skimmed Cheese
Milk Type: Unpasteurised Ewe Milk
Origin: La Mancha, Spain

One of the largest Protected Designation of Origin regions in the world, the principles of making great manchego remain the same: milk from the La Mancha Breed of Ewe, Grazed on lush and varied diet of grass and herbs in La Mancha and aged for a minimum of six months in the region. Our version at 12 months has a concentrated flavour, mildly piquant with tiny hints of crunch for concentrated protein crystals. 

Jaq du Berry
Style: Ashed, Surface Ripened
Milk Type: Goat
Origin: Loire Valley, France

The Chabris region that lies to the south of the Loire Valley is famous for a varied range of Chevre, particularly those made in a distinguishing truncated pyramid shape.

The shape of the cheese is said to have originated when Napoleon cut off the top of a perfect pyramid shaped cheese with his sword after returning from a disastrous campaign in Egypt.

Made by master cheesemaker Monsieur Jacquin, the cheese is covered with salted, ground charcoal and cellared for 4 weeks. When mature, the cheese looks quite rustic with flecks of blue mould on the rind and a sweet, slightly acidic flavour and soft, moussey texture.

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