Heathcote Shiraz Cheddar

Heathcote Shiraz Cheddar


250 g Cuts

Origin: Tasmania, Australia
Style: Pasteurised, Clothbound Cheddar
Milk Type: Cow
Affinage Notes: Six months under Heathcote Shiraz 2018 vintage grape marc, Hanging Rock Winery, managed by Cornelius Cheesemongers.

A peppery, bright mature reflection of the 2018 Hanging Rock vintage. Intensely perfumed from it's time in grape marc, the cheese has taken on a tannic quality, giving it a lingering dry, crumble with great acidity.

Want To Learn More?
Check out how it all came together by clicking through to our YouTube video below, which includes interviews from Cornelius’ Cheesemonger, Matt Steele, and Hanging Rock Winery Chief Winemaker, Robert Ellis.

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