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Origin: Made by Michael Spycher at Dairy Fritzenhaus , Wassen, Switzerland

Style: Cow Milk, Raw, Hard Mountain Cheese

We’re in love with every aspect of this cheese; the small batch production, that the dairy is located adjacent to the cheesemakers home, the river the cheese is named after can be seen from the dairy, that up until recently it was only available directly from the cellar door and mostly; that it tastes truly unique. 

The maker of Hornbacher, Michael Michu Spycher, is a multi award winning Gruyere maker who has a true grasp of his craft and the incredible milk of his region. The little cheese store that fronts their dairy was the exclusive outlet of this cheese until 2016. 

Animals are fed abundant rich grasses in the summer and the highest quality hays in the winter. Local farmers deliver their milk to the dairy twice a day to ensure optimum quality and supply. 

The typical nutty flavours are in abundance as with many swiss cheeses, the surprise for us was the overwhelming earthiness combined with its rich buttery flavour. Hornbacher tastes like a buttered baked potato! 

Since 2013 Michael has been caring for the cheeses in his cellar for the first part if it’s life. The cheese is finished at the Gourmino Affinage Facility in Emmental before final quality assurance by expert affineurs.  

This cheese is the hero cheese on any cheese board. It’s intense flavour makes for a perfect after dinner treat. 

Match with Sherry, Malty Beer and Malolactic Whites. 

Available Fresh Cuts:

  • 200g
  • 400g
  • 1kg
  • Whole wheel on request. 


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