Delivering Cheese Over the Summer Months

We are always asked how we can fresh cut cheese and then send either when it's over 25 degrees or interstate or regional delivery. Please see below our detailed breakdown of how we achieve this. As always, things can go wrong, although by following the process below, we are doing the best job possible to ensure that your cheese is delivered in it's best condition. Then it's up to the courier gods! 

Delivering Over 25 Degrees & Interstate:

- All cheeses are wrapped in proper cheese paper, labelled and then placed in a silver pouch with an ice pack, both designed to last up to 72 hours in transit

- For further insulation, we use recycled, styrofoam boxes for all interstate deliveries, and for larger Melbourne deliveries.

Please see our packing process, below. In this example, we have also included how we pack gifts and champagne. 

If you have any further questions about delivery, please let us know!

Gabriella Iacuone