Cheese Cave Release - October - Week 1

This week we have some cracking British and American cheese, as well as Australia's oldest, traditionally-made Cheddar, Pyengana. Further details below. 

Pyengana Cheddar

Origin: Pyengana, Tasmania
Style: Stirred Curd Cheddar

Not really a cheddar at all, this stirred curd cows milk cheese has never undergone the cheddaring process. Aside from this, technically everything else about this cheese is worlds' best practice for cloth bound, farmhouse cheddar. Pyengana has been making their hand-ladled cheeses this way for over 100 years, making this cheese one of the oldest produced in Australia. We love its bright, delicate acid flavour at the front followed by a vegetal nut linger and flaky texture not seen in other cheddars. 

Stinking Bishop

Origin: Charles Martell & Son Cheesemakers, Gloucestershire, UK
Style: Natural Rind, Cows Milk

Clean, rich milky paste in a rich, ripe pear cider washed rind. Full fat soft cheese made with pasteurised cows’ milk and non-animal rennet. A soft almost runny cheese with washed rind. It has a delicate slightly lemony flavour deepening to a buttery taste and creamy texture on ageing.

Neal's Yard Dairy Wensleydale

Origin: Yorkshire, England
Style: Traditional Wenslydale

Creamier and flaky rather than the modern cheddar style Wensleydales. A relatively modern cheese with a history dating back to inter war Britain. Made famous and best known to Cheese fans today from it's appearance in the Wallace and Gromit Films. A true Yorkshire Wensleydale. A cheese at risk of losing its protected status as part of Brexit. 

Caveman Blue - Rogue River Creamery

Origin: Oregon, USA
Style: USDA Certified Organic Blue, Cows Milk

Extremely approachable and sweet blue cheese with great depth of flavour. The kind of cheese you could convert someone to being a blue cheese lover with. Perfectly veined from edge to edge and a beautiful example of skilled cheesemakers at their best. 


Origin: St Gallen, Tuertschwill, Switzerland
Style: Swiss, Smear Ripened, Thermalised, Cows Milk

Pronounced ‘holler hocker’ and translating to sitting in the cellar, this cheese is washed in brine and spices and matured for 12 months. Closer inspection on the label indicated this cheese starts life as an Appenzeller style cheese but through great affinage becomes something truly iconic. Rich in character with an off dry flavour of hay, straw and deep umami linger.