Cheesemonger's Choice - Five Cheese Box

Cheesemonger's Choice - Five Cheese Box


1 kg 

The feature cheeses from the Cheese Cave. All cheeses are selected by Matt, and are in the best condition. Each Cheesemongers Choice box includes 600 grams of cheese, and can be delivered Australia wide. The Cheesemonger's Choice Boxes are updated every two weeks. Sign up to our enewsletter to be alerted each time the Cheesemonger has made his choice!

Cheesemongers Choice - Five Cheese Pack

1. Cabot


Origin: Vermont, USA

Style: Cows Milk, Cheddar Cheese

Matured in the specialty caves of the Jasper Hill facility in Vermont. Cabot is a perfect Cheddar as reflected in its 2011 ranking as world cheese of the year. Complex, super complex and ever changing. The perfect combination of the application new world meets old. 

2. Forme d’ambert


Origin: Auvergne, France

Style: Cows Milk, Blue Cheese

One of the oldest cheeses of France, dating back to Roman times. Still made by farmers cooperatives in the Auvergne region. Typical of a blue cheese, quite powerful ferment on the nose, hints of the sweetness from the milk. Unique mouthfeel from the blue mould, fresh and bright. 

3. Camembert

White Mould

Origin: Normandy, France

Style: Cows Milk, Surface Ripened

Camambert is one of the originators of surface ripened cheese. Many ask what’s the difference between brie and Camembert, our answer? About a two hour drive. They are both surface ripened but Camembert uses a brevibacterium to give impart its distintive aroma and flavour and it’s own mold culture Penecillium Camemberti. 

4. Section 28

Mont Priscilla

Origin: Adelaide Hills, South Australian

Style: Pasteurised Cows Milk

One of our first experiences interacting in the very serious world of cheese was meeting Kym from S28 Cheese - he was a man with a plan and a dairy. Two years after meeting Kym, we tasted S28 for the first time.

S28’s premier cheese Mont Priscilla is a Morbier-style cheese made with it’s distinctive ash line down the centre. A benchmark Australian cheese, rich, creamy, and full of the flavour of amazing Australian milk. 

5. Manchego

Origin: La Mancha, Spain

Style: Raw Ewes Milk, Hard Cooked, Grana

Only milk from the Mancha Sheep (from La Macha) with their gorgeous natural fluffy woollen coat and contrasting black faces can be used to make this iconic cheese. 

Many versions of Manchego are available, we believe the raw milk cheese is a true reflection of time, place and history of the region. Cornelius Cheesemongers only selects 12 month plus raw milk Manchego.

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