Sparkling Wine Pack

Sparkling Wine Pack


400 g (2 x 200 g Cuts)

Crisp, bubbly wine works well with fatty cheeses, hence combining it with triple cream brie. The cheddar allows wine to truly shine and the inherent sweet brioche notes of the wine are brought to the fore by the nutty linger of the cheddar.

Pyengana Clothbound Farmhouse Cheddar

Origin: Pyengaga, Tasmania
Style: Stirred-Curd, Cow Milk
Rind: Clothbound

A curiosity of a cheddar, not cheddared at all, Pyengana is a stirred curd cheese, more in the tradition of Swiss or French high mountain cheeses: for all other intents and purposes from it's bandaging, to its flavour; Pyengana is a cheddar. 

L’Artisan Extravagant

Origin: Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Style: Triple Cream Brie
Milk Type: Cow Milk

L'Artisan Extravagant is an Australian soft cheese with a ture sense of place and flavour. It tastes of the wild coast where the cows that produce the cheese graze. The Cheesemaker Matt Medguard has taken inspiration for this cheese from the place of his Birth, France and made an Aussie icon. 

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