White Wine Pack

White Wine Pack


400 g (2 x 200 g Cuts)

Blue cheese and chardonnay, particularly more mild blue cheeses, are a match made in heaven. The creamy blue cheese sampled here is ideal with bolder whites like chardonnay or even sauvignon blanc. The King River Gold is a Natural Choice for white wines, the saltiness of the cheese is complemented by crisp wines.

Milawa King River Gold

Origin: Milawa, Victoria
Style: Washed Rind
Rind: Washed

The King River Gold is a great introduction to the washed rind style. The cheese has a soft interior with a slightly gritty rind and a rich, almost smokey, nutty flavour.

Forme D’Ambert

Origin: Auvergne, France
Style: Soft Blue
Milk Type: Cow Milk

One of Frances oldest cheese can be traced back as far as Roman Times. Aged for 28 Days in the region. The cheese is smooth, approachable and slightly elastic. The blue comes on gently and lingers. 

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