Red Wine Pack

Red Wine Pack


400 g (2 x 200 g Cuts)

Red wine can be a challenge but this back is designed to complement and contrast. For juicy reds the clothbound cheddar provides character, umami and texture. For more mature reds the Gruyere provides a sweet, slightly elastic counterpart with lingering nutty notes.

Pyengana Clothbound Farmhouse Cheddar

Origin: Pyengaga, Tasmania
Style: Stirred-Curd, Cow Milk
Rind: Clothbound

A curiosity of a cheddar, not cheddared at all, Pyengana is a stirred curd cheese, more in the tradition of Swiss or French high mountain cheeses: for all other intents and purposes from it's bandaging, to its flavour; Pyengana is a cheddar. 

Swiss Gruyere AOP

Origin: Switzerland
Style: Alpine Cheese, Unpasteurised
Milk Type: Cow, Unpasteurised

Ask any cheesemonger what's in their fridge, we guarantee you will find Gruyere. Aside from Parmigiano Reggiano; there is no cheese as versatile and delicious. We love serving Gruyere with quick pickles, crusty white bread and good company. Gruyere makes an indulgent Croque Monsieur and a vital ingredient in so many dishes.

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