Monet Heart Cheese Platter - Melbourne Metro Only Orders

Monet Heart Cheese Platter - Melbourne Metro Only Orders


This Valentine’s Day, we will be featuring the beautiful Monet Heart from Woodside Cheese in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. This fresh curd goats cheese (featuring flowers of the season) will be at the heart  of our special edition cheese platters! 

Your box will included:

  • 25 cm x 15 cm platter box, with clear lid, perfect for two!

  • Gift Card

  • Delivered Valentine’s Day

Monet Cheese Tasting Notes, from Woodside Cheese:

We always use our best and freshest Chevre for the Monet. A selection of special herbs season the cheese followed by a selection of edible organic flowers. Nasturtiums are the base flower and determine the seasonality of the cheese which is usually available early spring to late summer, weather permitting. The cheese is named Monet because the finished product is not unlike photographs of his garden.

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