Section 28’s Mont Priscilla

Section 28’s Mont Priscilla

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Section 28’s Mont Priscilla

Style: Cow Milk, Morbier
Origin: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Kim Masters only walked away from the world of Corporate Finance 5 years ago, building his cheese facility 40 minutes from Central Adelaide in the Hills. He collects farm fresh milk every morning from a dairy right around the corner and makes on batch of cheese per day. All of Kim's cheeses are inspired by time in Europe with his family, Mont Priscilla is his homage to Morbier, using only the freshest of milks and a proprietary blend of Australian Natives to make the distinct ash line through the cheese. A semi firm cheese with great elasticity, the cheese lends itself to Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. 

The Cheesemaker

Kym spent 20 years working in finance before time living in Piedmont, Italy gave him pause. We spoke to masters about the transition from Banker to award winning cheesemaker and passionate artisan producer. His want was twofold, the complex world of banking left little time for his family and his young children struggled to understand what their father did for a living. Cheesemaking allowed more time with the kids and a tangible, hands on occupation his kids could see their father working on. Kym's other mission, make benchmark, alpine style cheeses like those he had experienced in Europe. Our observations from meeting many cheesemongers is they share a common passion for science, be it ammateur or professional. 

The Dairy

Cheesemaking is a scientific, methodical and formal process. You start with fresh, raw milk milk and finish with cheese. The more control of transport, quality assurance and communication between farmer and cheesemaker you can achieve the better the outcome. Masters has built his cheesemaking facility a 4 minute drive from his milk supplier and personally collects the milk every morning in 500l batches. His dairy produces 300 kilograms of fine, hand crafted cheese every week, matured on site at the purpose built affinage rooms. 



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