Dellendale Torndirrup

Dellendale Torndirrup

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2019 Australian Diary Award Winner for Semi-Hard Cheese.

Origin: Dellendale Creamery, Western Australia
Style: Australian Appenzelle

We knew the first time we tasted cheese from Master Cheesemaker Chris Vogel we were onto a winner; although the scale of that win was yet to come. Dellenadale Torndirrup has just won Australia’s best Semi Hard Cheese for 2019! Chris was generous enough to spend a few hours with us the day after the win, telling us about his journey to Switzerland and his 10 year education at the hands of master cheese makers, three years as an apprentice, and four years studying for his degree. The hard work has certainly paid off! Torndirrup is a remarkable cheese, washed in a handcrafted and secret brine recipe to achieve flavour perfection, with spicy aromas and a rich creamy taste from its smooth paste. The cheese has hints of nut, butterscotch and sweet pineapple on taste.



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