QXP - Finished by Cornelius Cheese

Made only a few weeks ago in Galicia Spain, QXP was created as part of an experiment into ageing beautiful, pure white goat milk cheeses in a blue cheese maturation room. The rind is a natural grey/black with blue striations on the outside. We are proud to have the opportunity to be the first and only in Australia to mature this cheese, exclusively.   

The process:

Right now the cheese is dense, fudgey with a beautiful sweet linger. With some time in our maturation facility we are aiming to age the cheese further, perhaps develop a slip skin and certainly a creamy paste under the rind. 

The cheese is currently being encouraged to 'rind up' in high humidity environment at lower temperatures, they're still quite young and wet and we're aiming to keep them like that for the next few days while the rind develops. Once we get a good natural rind we'll transfer the cheeses to our maturation fridge to dry out a little and let the mould work it's magic on the paste inside. 

What we want to achieve:

The result we're looking for is a creamy, pure white paste on the inside and a mottled, natural blue/grey rind on the outside. The taste will be sweet, creamy and with a delicate linger of vegetal and nut character with a hint of condensed milk.


Will studd select Brillat Savarin + Hop Nation Hops - Finished by Cornelius Cheese

We were out with our mates at Hop Nation the other day, and as you do as food obsessed people, we started to chat about how we could combine hops and cheese to create something beautiful. The result is the Hop Nation and Will Studd Select Brillat Savarin combination. 

The process:

The cheese is currently being encouraged to take on the sweet floral notes of the raw hops, sitting in and surrounded by the hop flowers.

What we want to achieve:

We're looking for a beautiful herbaceous floral flavour out of the cheese, the scent already the absolutely beautiful!


Cave release:

If you would like to taste the results, please join us on Saturday 18 November in the Cheese Cave between 11am until midday. To book your spot (free), please complete the form below. You will have the opportunity to buy the product on the morning as well.  

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