Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box + Condiments Pack - Melbourne Only

Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box + Condiments Pack - Melbourne Only

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700 g  (Catering for up to 6 people)

The Cheesemonger’s Choice Pack is all about the best cheeses of the moment. Our theme this quarter is the best of the Autumn cheeses. We have some beautiful cheeses, especially those that have the best of the Spring milk from Europe. Add the option of 6 x Hot Cross Buns from Dench Bakers. Select your delivery date and time from the below options at checkout.

Delivery Dates and Times:

  • Friday 19 April - 10am to 12pm

  • Saturday 20 April - 12pm to 5pm

  • Sunday 21 April - CLOSED

  • Monday 22 April - CLOSED

The Cheeses (further detail below):
- Milawa Goat Camembert
- Hafod Cheddar
- Papillon Roquefort AOP

The Condiments:
Simon Johnson Snack Mix with Asian Herbs
- Santa Teresa Don Juan Quince Paste
- Dench Bakers Fig and Pepper Sourdough Crips

Feature Cheeses:

Milawa Goat Camembert
Origin: Milawa, Victoria
Style: Camembert, Goat Milk

This small format cheese taste ranges from a delicate, mild flavour when young, to a strong goaty flavour when fully matured.

Hafod Cheddar
Origin: Cerdigon, Wales
Style: Pasteurised Cow Milk Cheddar

A cheddar cheese with a supple, golden paste and the occasional blue vein. The flavours are rich, layered and generally less acidic than a typical cheddar. Cheesemaker Rob Howard took inspiration for this cheese from the classic “A Guide to Practical Cheddar Cheese Making” Written in 1917. Neal’s Yard Dairy affineurs visit Holden Farm dairy three times a year, tasting cheeses between 6 and ten months of age and selecting wheels to sell. While there, they also taste experimental cheeses Rob has made in an effort to improve his cheesemaking. Some of these experiments then make it into the cheese making process. The Cheddar has evolved into the complex cheese it is today through 12 years of constant improvement.

Papillon Roquefort AOP
Origin: Roquefort sur Soulzon, France
Style: Blue, Ewe Milk

This exceptional Roquefort PAPILLON is characterised initially by its white paste and the generous streaks of intense blue in its broad and numerous cavities. In the mouth, its rich and flexible texture develops a delicious fondant accompanied by a typical balanced and long-lasting taste. At the origin of a Roquefort, there are the shepherds of the Causses who raise the ewes of the Lacaune breed. Papillon maintains lasting relationships with these producers to obtain the quality of milk 

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