Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box

Cheesemonger's Choice - Three Cheese Box


600 g 

The Cheesemonger’s Choice Pack is all about the best cheeses of the moment. Our theme this quarter is the best of the summer cheeses. Starting with the obvious - cheeses best eaten in hot weather, with crisp, white wines and fresh summer fruits.

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Feature Cheeses:

Iberico 3-33

Origin: Spain
Style: Hard Grana, Ewe, Cow and Goat Milk Blend

The distinctive piquant taste of this white cheese ranges from nutty to fruity. It has a rich, buttery texture that goes well when served as a snack cheese, and is perfect for grating or grilling. The aging time for this Manchego lookalike can vary from a couple of months to a year.

Mossvale Blue

Style: Semi Firm Blue, Cow Milk
Origin: Berry’s Creek Cheese, Gippsland, Victoria

From the mind of Barry Charlston comes Australia’s best blue cheese dairy, Barry’s 40 year career has seen him work for some of the biggest names in cheese, leaving a trail of industry respect and medals in his wake. Mossvale Blue recently scored a 99.46 at the world cheese awards, putting it in 4th place behind a tightly packed field of amazing cheeses.

Berry’s Creek Mossvale Blue is straw coloured with elegant and even greenish-blue mould throughout its interior, all encased in a natural rind. Its texture is moist and creamy in the mouth with an initial blue flavour dissipating quickly leaving a sweet lactic aftertaste to linger.

Le Conquerant Camembert

Style: Normandy Camembert, Pasteurised Cow Milk, B. Linens
Origin: Normandy, France

A miracle of the use of science to improve cheese and create something truly special. The use of brevibacterium and b.linens in a pasteurised cheese was a revelation! Creating a raw milk flavour profile in a pasteurised cheese; in other words, this is the best camembert you can buy without travelling to France. A flavour bomb of straw, mushroom and a delightful silky mouthfeel. This cheese is truly an experience.

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