Jaq du Berry

Jaq du Berry


Style: Ashed, Surface Ripened

Milk Type: Goat

Origin: Loire Valley, France

The Chabris region that lies to the south of the Loire Valley is famous for a varied range of Chevre, particularly those made in a distinguish- ing truncated pyramid shape.

The shape of the cheese is said to have originated when Napoleon cut off the top of a perfect pyramid shaped cheese with his sword after returning from a disastrous campaign in Egypt.

Made by master cheesemaker Monsieur Jacquin, the cheese is covered with salted, ground charcoal and cellared for 4 weeks. When mature, the cheese looks quite rustic with flecks of blue mould on the rind and a sweet, slightly acidic flavour and soft, moussey texture.

The raw milk variety of this cheese, Valençay, is protected by an AOP designation.

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