Blue des Basque

Blue des Basque

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Style: Semi Firm Blue Cheese

Milk Type: Pasteurised Ewe Milk

Origin: Midi-Pyrénées (Basque country)

Bleu des Basques is a cousin of the AOC sheep milk cheese Ossau Iraty, and historically was only made when there was plenty of spare milk around. Not surprisingly the demand has grown in recent years, so now it is produced throughout the year. In full production since 2001 the cheese is now much easier to find.

Bleu des Basques is made in the rugged mountains that form the natural border between France and Spain, the Pyrénées. It is a creamy ewe’s milk cheese with the area’s trademark flavour; nutty and slightly sweet with a floral aftertaste reminiscent of the pastures of the high alpage. It has a somewhat crumbly structure, wherein the salty blue mould forms in small pockets as the cheese slowly ages over three months. The best examples of this cheese are still made during the lambing season which runs from early to late European Spring.

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