Berrys Creek Riverine Blue

Berrys Creek Riverine Blue

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Style: Blue Cheese

Milk Type: Pasteurised Buffalo Milk

Origin: Gippsland, Victoria

Berry's Creek Gourmet Cheese is owned and operated by Barry Charlton and his partner Cheryl. Barry is a creative cheese maker with over 30 years’ experience. His passion to produce unique and distinctive cheeses for the discerning palate has been recognised with the highest awards at the World Cheese Championship in Wisconsin USA. They handcraft their cheeses in their factory nestled in the hills of Gippsland at Poowong North.

On appearance Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue looks to be an intense blue cheese with striations of green mould liberally running throughout its ivory coloured pate, but looks can be deceiving. The rich buffalo milk combines beautifully with the mould delivering a soft creamy mouth feel with an almost savoury flavour profile that finishes with a lingering lactic sweetness that is most addicting. It’s is a cheese for blue lovers and novices alike.

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