Cheesemonger's Choice Gift Box

Cheesemonger's Choice Gift Box


525 g 

The feature cheeses from the Cheese Cave. All cheeses are selected by Matt, and are in the best condition. Each Cheesemongers Choice box includes 525 grams of cheese, our selection of specific condiments. The Cheesemonger's Choice Boxes are updated every two weeks. Sign up to our enewsletter to be alerted each time the Cheesemonger has made his choice!


Rooftop Honey Test Tubes (Victoria) - Camembert

Quince Paste - Roquefort

Beetroot Lavosh - Epoisses

Feature Cheeses:

1. Papillon AOP Roquefort

Origin: Roquefort, France
Style: Ewe Milk. Unpasteurised Blue
Rind: Natural
The king, the mother mould, the origins of every blue cheese in the world, Roquefort. The legend says a young shepherd, chasing an errant sheep from his flock, abandoned his lunch of cheese and bread near the entrance to the roquefort caves. Returning later to discover a taste sensation, Roquefort was born. Papillon is the only remaining Cooperative to make their cheese from mould, harvested from a yearly bake of rich Rye bread.

2. Le Conquerant Camembert

Origin: Normandy, France
Style: Pasteurised, Cows Milk Camembert
Rind: White Mould

Will Studd has adopted the recipe for raw milk camembert to meet Australian food standards. The cultures from the raw milk camembert are harvested, isolated and put into the pasteurised, export version of this famous cheese. Giving it a depth and flavour not seen in many camemberts outside France.

3. Epoisses Demi

Origin: France
Style: Washed Rind, Pasteurised
Rind: Washed

Washed in Marc du Burgogne, brandy, made from the grape marc left over from the famed Burgundy Wines. The cheese develops its distinct odour from brevibacterium, also contributing the the bold orange rind. The flavour is complex and savoury with notes of bacon, soy and a richness from the regular washing.

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