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Gippsland Brie - Finished at Cornelius Cheesemongers

Style: Surface Ripened, Cow Milk, Double Brie
Origin: Gippsland, Victoria

When the opportunity came up to finish these delightful, young and still chalky cheeses here at Cornelius, we jumped on it. They’ve been turned every three days for nearly a month now ensuring perfect ripeness from top to bottom. The cheese should taste of mildly condensed sweet milk, a little earthiness and the vaguest hint of straw. A cheese like this is all about that sticky, tacky texture. We’ve upped the texture by bringing back an old favourite, our own creation; Rubble, Rubble Rubble. A delectable combination of Swiss dark chocolate, cranberries and smoked almonds. Follow the process below for total indulgence!

1. Unwrap your cheese, and portion into small wedges around 20 grams
2. Spread the Rubble on a flat plate
3. Crumb the paste sides of the cheese by pressing into the Rubble, like a schnitzel
4. Serve straight away and indulge!

You can also sandwich the Rubble in the wedge - Visit YouTube for more! -

Wine Match: Port or Tokia

It’s winter! The perfect match for this decadent delight is Port of Tokai, the sweet, full bodied wine really adds to the experience.

We'd love to see your creations! Share with us via Insta @eatcorneliuscheese

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Each month we source one of the best artisan cheeses from Australia and around the world, and match it with a condiment. We then send it direct to your door, for just $29.95.

Delivery throughout Australia - not sure we can get cheese to you? We’ve sent to all corners or Australia - drop us a line and we’ll see if we can. Are you local and would like to pick up? We have special rates for you. Just let us know when you register.

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Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Money will be taken on the first of the month

  • Cheese will be sent the third week of the month, although this timing could change at the discretion of Cornelius Cheesemongers. Clubbers will be notified the month before if delivery timings change

  • Cheese Club includes at least 200 g of cheese, plus condiment, tasting notes and wine match recommendation.

  • We cannot suspend/refund Cheese Club* throughout the 12 month subscription, although we can defer to another address if you cannot receive your cheese (i.e. if you go on holidays). *Please let us know if there is an issue through hardship and we will certainly consider amending your subscription.