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Although our $25 per month Cheese Club is a special offer only available from November each year, you can join the big cheeses in the $80 per month Cheese Club, which includes at least 600 g of cheese, plus matched condiment and delivery, every month.

MAY cheese feature

May  Cheese Club 2019

Fourme D'Ambert AOP*

Style: Tunnel Ripened, Cow Milk Blue
Ambert and Montbrison, France

A tall cylindrical cows’ milk cheese made in the twin towns of Ambert and Montbrison.

The cheese is often featured in the original stained glass windows of the local churches and local legend claims it was the forbear of the Stilton recipe introduced to the Midlands of England at the time of the Norman invasion. Easily recognisable by its shape, which gently concertinas as the cheese matures, which takes place in underground tunnels in the Auvergne. The natural rind is a powdery grey blue, inside the texture is quite soft but dense and sticky with erratic marbled blue veining. Mild and creamy to taste with a good blue mould aftertaste.

Our cheese has been ripened to perfection here at the Cornelius Cheesemongers Cheese Cave, leaving the elastic paste in tact but adding more character and savoury notes to the cheese.

Fourme D'Ambert was traditionally made in the town of Ambert but as the cheese became more popular the Appelation was increased to include surrounding towns. Many industrial versions of Fourme D'Ambert are available, although this cheese is still hand rubbed with a dry blue mould culture and finished in a dry environment before the traditional foil wrap is applied. Still using the same techniques, making this a true artisan cheese.

*What does DOP mean?
AOP Cheeses are protected under French law. The feed of the animals, the breed, the region the cheese can be made and stored in, and even the flavour and method of production are controlled. This creates a recognisable trademark and trust for the consumer, assuring they are buying an authentic, quality product from the region.


Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Money will be taken on the first of the month

  • Cheese will be sent the third week of the month, although this timing could change at the discretion of Cornelius Cheesemongers. Clubbers will be notified the month before if delivery timings change

  • Cheese Club includes at least 200 g of cheese, plus condiment, tasting notes and wine match recommendation.

  • We cannot suspend/refund Cheese Club* throughout the 12 month subscription, although we can defer to another address if you cannot receive your cheese (i.e. if you go on holidays). *Please let us know if there is an issue through hardship and we will certainly consider amending your subscription.