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Although our $25 per month Cheese Club is a special offer only available from November each year, you can join the big cheeses in the $80 per month Cheese Club, which includes at least 600 g of cheese, plus matched condiment and delivery, every month.

April cheese feature

April  Cheese Club 2019

Origin: Milawa Cheese Company, Milawa, Victoria
Style: Surface Ripened, Goat Milk Camembert

What started as a weekend conversation in the late 1980’s has blossomed into one of the most successful independent cheese businesses in Australia. Passionate cheese expert Richard Thomas and his high school chum, David Brown founded what is now the Milawa Cheese Company in the old Milawa Butter factory. David, 30 years later still keeps a hand in the business, delivering these hand made cheeses to Cornelius Cheesemongers. Day to day cheesemaking is now handled by Jack Condron who started his cheese Journey at Milawa in 2013 at the counter.

We’ve been working with Milawa for a few months now, trying to capture the perfect expression of their cheese at the perfect moment. The Goat Camembert really shone through a few weeks ago in initial tasting, we knew it would be perfect by the time cheese club came around for April.

Goat Camembert is a delight of a cheese, the high fat and protein content of the milk make for a glossy paste beneath a white rind. The flavour is mild, with a silky mouth feel when the cheese is young. For those of you a little more adventurous, try to keep the cheese until it’s closer to its best before date to experience a flavour bomb, maintaining the silky texture but increasing the flavour. Tip: if you plan on holding onto the cheese and maturing it yourself, keep it in the warmest part of your fridge, in the original wrapping, turning once every few days. Find out more about Milawa Cheese Co. here.

Terms and conditions:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Money will be taken on the first of the month

  • Cheese will be sent the third week of the month, although this timing could change at the discretion of Cornelius Cheesemongers. Clubbers will be notified the month before if delivery timings change

  • Cheese Club includes at least 200 g of cheese, plus condiment, tasting notes and wine match recommendation.

  • We cannot suspend/refund Cheese Club* throughout the 12 month subscription, although we can defer to another address if you cannot receive your cheese (i.e. if you go on holidays). *Please let us know if there is an issue through hardship and we will certainly consider amending your subscription.