Hafod Cheddar

Hafod Cheddar

from 51.35

Style: Pasteurised Cow Milk Cheddar

Origin: Cerdigon, Wales

A Cheddar cheese with a supple, golden paste and the occasional blue vein. The flavours are rish, layered and generally less acidic than a typical cheddar.

Cheesemaker Rob Howard took inspiration for this cheese from the classic “A Guide to Practical Cheddar Cheese Making” Written in 1917.

Neal’s Yard visits Holden Farm dairy three times a year, tasting cheeses between 6 and ten months of age and selecting wheels to sell. While there, they also taste experimental cheeses Rob has made in an effort to improve his cheesemaking. Some of these experiments then make it into the cheese making process. The Cheddar has evolved into the complex cheese it is today through 12 years of constant improvement.

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