Jaq du Berry - Goats Cheese

Jaq du Berry - Goats Cheese


Third Generation cheesemakers from the Loire Valley, the Jaquin family are the makers behind this cheese. Our export version is made from pasteurised goats milk, rubbed with vegetal ash and then surface-ripened. The straw through the middle serves a threefold purpose; to hold the delicate, hand-ladled cheese together, to demonstrate the skill of the cheesemakers and finally to prove the provenance of the cheese - i.e. you can't knock this off! 

A robust goats flavour with green notes and a lingering straw, mushroom flavour. Enjoy with Sancere, or your favourite, crisp, sauvignon blanc. 


MIlk Type: Goats

Style: Ashed, Surface Ripened Goats Cheese

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