Tapas Sized Fondue Kit 400ml

Tapas Sized Fondue Kit 400ml


The perfect size for pre-dinner drinks or as part of a larger meal. 

The set contains a fondue pan made of fine earthenware and also microwave proof. Under the fondue pan you can put a tealight to keep the cheese at the right temperature. Also the pottery pan holds the heat of the fondue cheese well. The chassis of the set is made of a dark wood.

If you want to keep cheese warm with your meal then this fondue set is ideal. The cheese fondue set includes forks and a tealight.

  • For cheese and chocolate
  • Microwave resistant
  • It is heated by a tealight
  • Beautiful robust appearance
  • Enough for 4 
  • Complete set with tealight and 4 fondue forks
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